1xBet Responsible Gambling Rules for Kenyan Users

1xBet operates fully legally and strictly supports Responsible gambling rules. Despite a wide variety of tempting bonuses and eye-catching games, it is important to understand all the risks gambling may have.

When casino users do not take gambling seriously, neglect bankroll management, and do not stick to time limits, it may cause serious problems with gambling addiction. This problem may have different manifestations, from a compulsive and hard-to-control desire to keep playing to depression. This may lead to serious mental issues, problems at work, destruction of social ties, and more.

1xBet’s Responsible Gambling Policy

The 1xBet platform constantly monitors the activity of its users to identify problem players or bettors. The casino uses proprietary algorithms for this purpose that consider bet sums, quick market switches, high bets after losses, and more. 

Another option is a ban on registration for all under the age of 18. For this purpose, the platform requires you to pass the Know Your Client verification procedure. Thus, the potential player must provide a document that proves his identity with a photo. 

Also, the platform offers a dedicated self-exclusion program. This option allows players to self-exclude for the following terms:

  • 1 month;
  • 6 months;
  • 1 year.

To join this program, it is necessary to contact the customer support service, describe the problem and ask to activate the self-exclusion period. Also, you may set limits on deposits you can use as well as time you can spend on the site. 

1xBet Awareness Test 

The platform offers a quick test for those who suspect addiction. The client must answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions:

  • Is your gambling out of control in terms of expenses?
  • Have you already searched for alternative sources to get money for betting?
  • Have you sacrificed time with close ones for the sake of betting? 
  • Do you quickly get angered when someone asks about your gambling or betting activities?
  • Have you experienced depression after a big loss?
  • Do you feel like you gamble to cover losses?

If a user answered “Yes” to at least 1 question, there is a high chance that he has a gambling addiction.

Responsible Gambling Tips 

To prevent gambling addiction, it is important to stick to the following tips. 

  • Always consider betting and gambling as entertainment and never as a source of income;
  • Always carefully manage your budget and never exceed set;
  • Also, set limits on the time you can spend betting or gambling and do not exceed this limit; 
  • If you gamble, always use money money you can afford to lose;
  • If you face a losing streak, you should never keep betting to chase losses;
  • Never play or bet under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances.

In the case of gambling addiction, it makes sense not only to join the self-exclusion scheme but also to consult with experts from specialised services like GamBan or Gamblers Anonymous.