Know Your Customer

About KYC Policy

  1. KYC Policy general information. The company believes in maintaining a strong “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policy. It was strategically crafted to combat Money Laundering and a spectrum of fraud opportunities. We sincerely inform our customers about this fact. Customers are informed about the Company using verification tools during registration and through non-transactional website support. Also, if certain criteria prove unsatisfactory, we retain the right to request identity ID and address verification documents.
  2. Identity establishment. To establish identity, we ask customers to submit a valid official identification document. It might be a passport containing a photo, a driver’s license, or an identity card. Generally, it is any document specified by the Ministry of Finance of Curacao. Also, it must contain the customers’ photo. To verify residential addresses, we may consider the following documents: a recent utility bill, account statement, reference letter from a credit institution, and correspondence from a government authority. All papers issued by an independent agency and those that prove your place of residence are suitable. Additionally, we require customers to confirm their phone numbers as part of the verification process. We may request additional documentation if deemed necessary for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks and compliance standards.
  3. Proof of funds. In certain scenarios, we might ask for proof of funds to ensure that players use their own funds on our site. The document request may come when a player reaches a specific sum of deposit/withdrawal or when there is suspicion of fraudulent activity. Additionally, our scrutiny extends to player bets, checking for potential violations. Any uncertainty regarding the legality of credited winnings prompts us to contact the provider for verification.
  4. Identity papers. Our criteria for identity document verification are stringent, ensuring the matching of information such as name, photograph, date of birth, and citizenship with the player’s profile. We thoroughly examine documents for signs of editing, and in specific instances, we may request a selfie with ID for supplementary confirmation. In cases of heightened suspicion, our dedicated anti-fraud department promptly steps in via email.
  5. Suspicious transaction measures. Upon uncovering suspicious transactions or actions with signs of fraud, we reserve the authority to initiate an internal investigation. This might lead to actions such as blocking or closing the Customer’s account, cancelling payments, and suspending account operations until the official investigation concludes. If the withdrawal method differs from the deposit method, we reserve the right to request additional information and may block the account during the investigation if the customer refuses to provide the requested information.
  6. Payments investigation. During payment investigations, we might request extra copies of documents confirming identity, bank cards, payment records, and other documents verifying the legal ownership and origin of funds. The scrutiny of customers classified as high-risk jurisdictions is integral to our commitment.

Our refusal or withholding to process transactions flagged as suspicious doesn’t render us civilly liable. Instead, it aligns with the provisions of applicable law, emphasizing our dedication to ensuring security and compliance.