Become a 1xBet Affiliate – Promote It – Get Up to 40% of the Company’s Net Income

Are you a content creator who’s looking for an easy passive income? Become a 1xBet affiliate! It will allow you to promote a bookie and receive hundreds of dollars of profit. Let’s see how that works.

What’s an Affiliate Program?

1xBet affiliate program allows you to monetize your traffic. Promote 1xBet to your subscribers. You’ll profit from each bettor who joins the site with your promo code.

How Does an Affiliate Program Work?

First, you must register. Then, you become an affiliate and receive your promo code. Share it. Users registering at 1xBet with it will give you 40% of their revenue.

Benefits of 1xBet Affiliate Program 

The main benefit of becoming a 1xBet affiliate is monetizing your content. Your work will pay off. And this can stimulate you to run your pages more efficiently, which results in more subscribers and profit.

1xBet will help you with that. Your affiliate program won’t be just a plain copy and paste. 1xBet marketers will analyze your prospects and help you create a targeted promotion.

For instance, your audience will receive personal bonuses. It simplifies converting your traffic.

How Do I Convert My Audience Into 1xBet?

It depends on your content type and creativity. For instance, you’re a blogger. If you’re blogging on Facebook, your 1xBet promotion will be your new post. Adjust it. You can implement 1xBet promotion into your primary-topic post or create a separate one.

For YouTube, you’ll need to create a 1xBet video content. But don’t do separate promotions. They repel your audience. Conversely, weaving a 1xBet ad into your themed videos is perceived better. 

Think that your audience isn’t enough? Seize more attention through, for example, Google or Facebook ads. And you’re not restricted to one method. If you have several content channels or promotional tools, it’s much more effective.

How to Become Affiliate: Step-By-Step 

Becoming an affiliate is easy and quick, and here’s what it takes:

  1. Open;
  2. Click “Become an Affiliate” in the upper right;
  3. Register with your name, email, country, and number;
  4. Post promotional content you’ve done yourself or with 1xBet marketers;
  5. Wait for your audience to use your referral promo code;
  6. Withdraw the profit from 1xBet with one of 200 payment tools.

It’s that easy! 1xBet has thousands of partners, and 50,000 of them recommend joining them. Do it! Follow the guide above, and soon, you’ll get a passive income to feed you for a lifetime.